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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Canadian Brand?

While Wellth Foods operates and has offices in both Canada and the USA, we call Canada our home.

Where is the product made?

Wellth Foods manufactures its products in the USA close to where its natural ingredients are grown.

What is the shelflife of this product? Storage instructions?

Wellth Pasta boxes have a 2 year shelflife. Store in a cool dry place.

Does this product have an NPN?

While our pasta products have many health benefits, we are not a health supplement, but rather healthy food product that does not require an NPN.

How can I buy this product or learn more?

For wholesale inquiries, please contact us directly using our wholesale form.

How does this product ship? Lead time?

Our products are warehoused in multiple locations across Canada, and ship within 2-4 business days.

What is the MOQ?

                    We accomodate all enquiries, please get in touch.

What are retailer margins on a wholesale pricing scale?

Due to economic scaling in production, our recommended retail prices incorporate healthy     market-related margins. Our wholesale distribution model allows our distributors to offer Wellth products to their retail customers while maintaining a fair profit.

Can I sell your product on Amazon?

We are open to discuss all opportunities and will consider each on its individual merits.

What sets this product apart from other vegetable-based pasta products?

Unlike other vegetable-based pasta products, ours look, taste, and feel like real pasta and are made only with yellow peas (and one other ingredient where applicable). Wellth products also boast over 20 grams of protein per 100 grams of pasta, one of the highest ratios on the market.

Are Wellth products currently in distribution?

Wellth Foods is a novel brand launching in Spring of 2024. We have an in-house team with years of  distribution experience open to engaging in discussions regarding mutually beneficial distribution partnerships.

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Are these products currently available on a retail level?

Wellth Foods products will be available for retail purchase beginning in summer of 2024.